Unique Devices for Nuclear
Utility Maintenance Support

Quality Engineered Products, Inc. has been designing and building custom equipment for the commercial nuclear power industry since 1978.


  • Temporary reactor vessel head stands (with various styles of bioshield wall extensions) for alloy 600 head inspections

  • RCP motor on-site moving carts (for moving motors up to 9,000+ HP)

  • Shielded storage and handling containers for reactor coolant pump components & other high rad equipment

  • RCP motor shipping containers (sealed, weather tight, with internal oil spill collection pans)

  • RCP motor upending devices with associated internal rotor support devices

  • Temporary reactor vessel covers (heavy duty polished T304 s/s with dual lip seals)

  • High pressure "on-line" spray wands for condenser tube sheet cleaning (does not require condenser shut down)

  • Devices to aid in the underwater handling of radiation detection devices during plant decommissioning

  • Rotating reactor vessel closure stud handling racks

  • A myriad of other pieces of specialized equipment to aid in outage material handling and refueling efforts

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About Us

At Quality Engineered Products almost all of our projects are unique, "one of a kind" pieces of equipment designed and built specifically for a particular plant's needs. Occasionally we get to build a duplicate device, but it is usually an entirely new requirement, or a modification of an existing design. Please contact us to discuss your particular project's needs.

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